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Turn Confluence into a seamless Wiki experience

Bring your Enterprise Glossary to the next level

Smart Terms makes your Company’s terminology flawless, it brings defined terms, and their related vocabs from all your pages and connect the dots.

By adding a term to your glossary, you boost the definition with additional information like synonyms, acronyms, idioms, enriched media (pdfs, images, videos) and more, giving you a crystal clear picture of all defined terms within your instance.

Simple Terms management

Create, edit, import and export terms within confluence spaces

Empowered search capabilities

Find terms in glossaries and in confluence search box

Powerful highlight engine

High performance even with thousands of terms

Interactive terms

Per term medias gallery (images, videos, pdf, and any embed code, prezi, slideshare…)

Connected terminology

Related vocabulary (synonyms, acronyms, idioms and others)

Fully customizable styling

Limitless appearance customization with color palettes and real time preview

Get Inspired


Helpful and direct infographics to bring your enterprise glossary to the next level.



Mini YouTube tutorials to demonstrate how to use the different features of Smart Terms for Confluence.

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