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AI glossary for Confluence with Smart Terms

Salma Sahnoun
November 28, 2023

Whether you’re a seasoned Smart Terms fan or just starting out, this blog post is your way to master the art of glossary building. We’re here to guide you through creating a term from scratch, showing how easy it is to enhance your workspace with a well-designed AI glossary for Confluence. Ready to change how you handle glossaries in Confluence? Let’s get started!

Start an AI glossary for Confluence

Begin with a precise and informative title, ensuring it’s easily searchable within Confluence. Then, with just one click, let Smart Terms’ AI feature provide you with a well-crafted definition. It’s quick, accurate, and designed to save you time and maintain a powerful AI glossary for Confluence within your workspace.

What’s cooler is that it can generate alternative definitions unlimitedly until you find the perfect one.

The video below explains how to start your AI glossary for Confluence easily.

Related vocabulary

Expand the reach of your term by adding related vocabulary, including acronyms, synonyms, slang, and more. This feature doesn’t just enrich your term; it ensures that all variations are highlighted across Confluence pages, enhancing visibility and understanding. 

Add labels

Organize your terms efficiently by adding Confluence labels. This not only aids in categorizing but also simplifies searching within the glossary.

Categorize the glossary with Confluence labels

Enrich your AI glossary for Confluence with media

Attach images, videos, pdf, and HTML to give context and color to your terms, whether an attachment or a link. In Smart Terms, the richer your glossary is, the more interactive the experience gets.

Add different types of media to Smart Terms Glossary

Enhance communication with related terms

One of Smart Terms’ standout features is its ability to connect terms using predefined relations that you can manage from Smart Terms’ general configuration. 

A relation can be created depending on the use case you need to create an interconnected glossary, making it easier for teams to navigate and understand complex terminologies.

Edit related terms configuration

Note that multiple relations can be applied to a single term.

To create a related term from scratch, you first choose the predefined relation and then search for the relevant term(s) to connect it with. 

Create a related term from scratch in Smart Terms

Once you create these relations in a term, they are reflected across all related terms. Additionally, the primary term displays a nested view of these connections.

AI glossary for Confluence and related terms
Related terms in the term viewer

And That’s a Wrap!

Transform your Confluence glossary from static to dynamic with Smart Terms. Bring your AI glossary for Confluence to life with all the options provided by Smart Terms and elevate the experience with AI features.



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