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Contribute to Team Building in Post-COVID era using Smart Courses for Confluence

Salma Sahnoun
August 2, 2021

As businesses worldwide started adapting to the COVID work-from-home lifestyle, all the team activities need to switch to remote activities. The team building that used to be held in the office or open space should now be held at home through online tools. In fact, this may sound inefficient or useless. The most important skill in an employee is adaptability. The latter shows the flexibility of individuals and how they can adapt to the work environment and requirements.

As COVID-19 forces entire companies to work from home, it is essential to explore how knowledge workers navigate through the challenges of changing working environments and how they can maintain “business as usual” through technological means and investigate the organisational, behavioural, and societal impacts of the pandemic. “Ågerfalk et al., 2020”

In this context, one of our e-learning app Smart Courses for Confluence objectives is to contribute to the team building within businesses’ groups & staff.

How does it work?

The answer is just below.

Smart Courses for Confluence was designed to create educational content for teams or students.

The app has so many fascinating features that you can play with and go beyond expectations.

    1. Quiz Questions

Lead an enriching and fun e-learning experience by creating interactive questions and quiz games with predefined and open answers. One of the many options that Smart Courses for Confluence gives is the Quiz Question that’s dedicated to this matter. This capsule allows you to build a whole course with questions about fun facts, teamwork, work values, work environment preferences, or just let them suggest what their dream workplace would look like post-COVID.

Design a team building course with Smart Courses Editor

Get to know your team by conducting a personality test, for example, or discover what your team has in common by asking questions about hobbies, “about me” questions, or personal tastes. Anything that can be enjoyable to react to.

You can track your team’s answers by the feature Global metrics and export an excel/CSV file for your reference, or conduct a Slack video call and share the answers and let the team engage and talk.

    2. Find things in common

If you have a large team, this game is the best icebreaker between colleagues. Every team member is supposed to create a course that contains questions and false/wrong answers about themselves. After that, they should share it with their name in the course catalog. Each person can choose which course to attend to answer the questions about that specific person to find out if they have things in common. This encourages employees to know each other better and bond more. They can join a group call afterward to discuss the course results they got.

    3. Movie day
Convert a movie moral into a crouse

Going to the movies is now an old trend as the COVID-19 had us changing our lifestyle and habits to adapt to social distancing and wearing a mask everywhere we go. We can’t head out to the movies but indeed can watch it at home. What if we want to watch it as a group? What if we can watch, discuss and debate about a team spirit movie? This can be an excellent idea for team building. Many movies such as “Miracle” or “The Avengers” can be great for your team. These types of movies teach lessons at the end.

To make sure all the team watched, you can ask them to create and co-design courses with each other on Smart Courses for Confluence to analyze or provide what they learned from the movie and then they can assign it to the different team groups to share knowledge. Smart Courses allows them to link or attach images & audio about the movie, or even put Youtube, Vimeo, Streamable videos, and so much more.

Movie lesson: Smart Courses Editor
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