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How to onboard newbies using Smart Courses for Confluence new quiz capsule

Salma Sahnoun
September 5, 2023

Welcome to the world of employee onboarding, where setting new hires up for success is key.

In this blog post, we explore how Smart Courses for Confluence can help transform your onboarding process with its new quiz capsule. We’ll discover each question type it offers and their roles in helping you throughout the journey, making it engaging and effective.

Let’s dive in!

Ordering question

This type of question requires learners to put elements, such as actions, events, or stages, in the correct order. It assesses the learner’s understanding of processes, procedures, or sequences.

You can further enhance the question by adding media to provide additional context.

Ordering question in Smart Courses player

Onboarding is a multi-step procedure that, when executed correctly, ensures a new hire’s smooth integration into the company, and this question is vital in ensuring that new hires understand the flow of onboarding from start to finish.

Matching question

As a fun, interactive way to build familiarity, you can use the matching question to introduce your recruits to terminologies, names to roles, titles to definitions, or even departments to their functions.

Matching question in action in Smart Courses player

As they navigate their onboarding adventure, understanding the basic terminology and getting to know the team is essential to make the journey smoother for new hires.

Multiple choices question

Life’s full of choices, and so is a thriving workplace. The multiple-choice question is more than just a quiz. It fosters decision-making skills for new employees and encourages them to analyze options and select the most appropriate answers based on their understanding.

Multiple Choices question in Smart Courses player

When faced with tough choices, new employees will appreciate this quiz’s support as it offers a range of options, of which one or more can be the correct answer, making their transition seamless and enjoyable.

Single choice question

Single-choice questions are your secret weapon!

Use them to measure the new hires’ understanding of essential concepts and to test their knowledge on a specific topic by providing multiple options but only one correct answer.

Employ the single-choice question to assess the newbies’ comprehension of the organization’s core values, company policies, and mission.

Single choice question in action in Smart Courses player

Fill in the blank question

Complete the MISSING WORDS! This is what this question is all about.

They need to piece the puzzle together without the aid of available choices.

Fill in the blank is a question format that challenges the learners’ direct recall and comprehension of specific details.

Fill in the blank question in Smart Courses player

To ensure precision, Smart Courses offers the choice of enabling case sensitivity and diacritics sensitivity, providing them with additional control over their learning experience.

Screenshot of the options 

Freetext question

During onboarding, new hires should memorize essential core facts or principles. These facts usually require simple recall rather than contextual comprehension.

This type of question has 2 different views:

  • The course creator view “course editor”: They need to type the accepted answers, whether it’s only one or more.
  • The attendee view “course player”: remember the precise answer without any guiding options or hints and type it exactly as it is.

The Freetext question is particularly effective when you need to ensure that the attendee has a clear and precise understanding of specific facts or concepts.

Essay question

As part of onboarding, understanding a new hire’s viewpoint on key industry skills or any other work-related topic can be illuminating.

The essay question is your window into the minds of your new recruits.🧠

A format that encourages in-depth responses, allowing participants to fully express their thoughts, perspectives, and opinions on a particular topic.

Essay mode question in Smart Courses player

This question has a different format regarding score measuring in the insights. Smart Courses will not automatically detect whether the answer is correct or wrong until the course creator validates it manually.

Wrap up

And there we have it! A fresh, engaging, and effective way to onboard your newbies.

By blending interactive quizzes, you’ll create a welcoming and captivating onboarding & learning experience that sets new hires up for the next step.