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5 reasons why you need Smart Courses within Confluence

Khawla Issaoui
October 26, 2020

To flourish employee engagement has become a priority for companies in the midpoint of their digital transition. Digital training is key to frequently reaching out to all employees and supporting them in their skills development by providing high-quality learning services.

For most organizations, of different sizes and in various industries, learning is becoming a central pillar of corporate culture in a knowledge-focused economy. In this case, many organizations are wondering: What is the best solution to collaborate and learn in one space?

So far, Confluence is one of the emergent enterprise social software for collaboration.
Following the same path as confluence, Creativas, a Silver marketplace partner for Atlassian, designed and developed the app Smart Courses within Confluence, the newest version of LearnUp. This app allows creating courses, using different content formats, and reporting. So, how can Smart Courses LMS be a tool to improve learning and collaboration within your organization?

Here are 5 secret ingredients to use Smart Courses LMS as a collaborative tool within your organization:

1. Enhance employee self-satisfaction and reduce turn-over risks

Aren’t you one of those who crave to develop new skills and improve efficiency in the workplace?

Well, Continuous and frequent training is essential for skills and knowledge development. Providing constant training is a strong proof of the company’s engagement towards its team. Indeed, most employees realize their value within an organization that encourages their development.

In the 21st century, training and learning are more accessible and effective through eLearning tools like LMS, MOOC… When it comes to organizations having Confluence instance, they are more likely to be familiar with one of the top installed learning apps: Smart Courses.

2. Integrate e-learning culture in the organization

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One of the most significant ways to learn is through sharing. How many times did you feel that you are excelling in something, like designing, developing, or communication … but it seemed hard to organize an in-house training session: arrange a free-space and needed materials, find the convenient timing, etc.

Smart Courses catalog
Smart Courses catalog

Integrating a learning culture is no longer a dare with the availability and accessibility of various collaboration and eLearning tools. Smart Courses is your ticket to heaven!

3. Onboarding and integration of new hires

A study realized by Digitate, a software unit of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and pioneer in IT Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), found out that new hires who have a negative onboarding experience are twice as likely to look for new opportunities sooner. Thus, big organizations started focusing more on improving the recruitment strategies and onboarding process.

Adopting an online system is always a gaining strategy that reduces the administrative burden of bringing on a new employee.

In our next blog, we will explain how to use LMS as part of the online-boarding process.

4. Content permissions and privacy

Confluence has its own set of permissions that determine what people can see and do. Smart Courses is built on top of this security system to ensure that the native Confluence privacy behavior is respected. It also has its specific permissions set that we will be happy to explore in an upcoming blog post.

5. Capsulize company learning materials in one space

When implementing an LMS, large companies’ biggest challenge is unifying existing training materials such as documents, presentations, wiki pages, recorded sessions, etc. with the freshly created ones.

Things became much more accessible and fluid after integrating Scorm into our Smart Courses to bring in your actual data.

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