Khawla Issaoui | Creativas
October 17, 2023

Level up your onboarding with Mantra and Smart Courses for Confluence

Bringing new employees on board and providing ongoing training can be a complex endeavor involving a multitude of documents, materials, and coordination. Without the right tools, these processes can become… Read Story

August 18, 2021

Blended learning for the Post-COVID era!

A year ago, we dreamed of the moment of getting back to our regular old lives and jump into those little life experiences to remember the taste of freedom, happiness…… Read Story

May 26, 2021

How to keep a rocking work outcome while working from home during COVID-19?

After more than one year since this pandemic has started, we are more likely to be familiar with remote work, using all those communication and collaboration tools, emails became more… Read Story

April 9, 2021

How to Start a glossary for Confluence in 3 Steps only: Smart Terms

In our previous blog post, we demonstrated how important it is to create a company glossary within Confluence to eliminate misunderstandings and ensure that all the work between team members… Read Story

March 31, 2021

Make glossaries not war: the importance of Smart Terms for Confluence users.

ASP? Does it stand for Active Server Page or Application Service Provider? This may sound confusing sometimes, don't you think? In a competitive environment, defining and understanding terms correctly may… Read Story

March 10, 2021

eTraining program: successful or not?

Evaluation is the most important part of all training types. It brings tangibility to elements involved in training. This phase determines how training has impacted the organization's growth, performance… Read Story

February 9, 2021

Sales Training: Create customized courses using Smart Courses

Remote training is now more accessible with the variety of LMS tools within Confluence.  Here are quick tips for creating engaging courses successfully. Read Story

January 21, 2021

The remote onboarding in the era of COVID-19: for Confluence users only

After a long selection process, we finally found a suitable candidate for the vacant job position in Creativas: young, active, motivated with the requested knowledge and skills; just the perfect… Read Story

January 13, 2021

LMS for Confluence: Upgrade LearnUp to Smart Courses

We are thrilled to announce that Smart Courses, the newest version of LearnUp LMS for Confluence, is launched and available on the Atlassian marketplace. Read Story

October 26, 2020

5 reasons why you need Smart Courses within Confluence

To flourish employee engagement has become a priority for companies in the midpoint of their digital transition. Digital training is key to frequently reaching out to all employees and supporting… Read Story