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Tips on how to improve teams’ productivity with e-learning

Salma Sahnoun
August 5, 2021

The evolution of technology led to the growth of information in general and learning in particular. This caused the revolution of the latter and generated e-learning, which is defined “as combining technology with learning, delivered using telecommunication and information technologies, and a type of training delivered on a computer supporting learning and organizational goals.” (Chen, 2008).

As previously spoken in our blog about the effectiveness of e-training, the latter is worldwide-agreed that it’s an efficient system to boost team members’ knowledge and skills. Businesses nowadays managed to integrate this into their working system as it is cost-effective and doesn’t need a big budget to promote. You don’t have to pay for the team traveling fees or the training space reservation.. but is this motivating enough for the team to learn?

Motivation is the key ingredient for a successful e-learning session. Businesses’ objectives are to enhance the teams’ productivity, and by that, we mean the outcome.

Here are some simple tips to follow for a more engaging yet motivational e-learning process.

Use an engaging LMS tool:

Choosing the right tool for your business is the first step to a rewarding e-learning process. Several important features have to exist. A variety of content creation options are mandatory to help the learner with visual and audio aids in addition to the text. It should have the question and quizzes option to customize the learning experience to each team member or student. Most importantly, the tool needs to be fun and easy to use.

“Higher productivity and satisfaction usually occur when employees are comfortable using any LMS. With proper training, employees would be more efficient, knowledgeable, and confident using different LMS.” (Ellis & Kuznia, 2014).

If you’re a Confluence user, we suggest that you take a look at our LMS tool Smart Courses for Confluence. It surely will satisfy your needs for this matter. To discover more about the app, you can check this blog.

Employ just-in-time e-learning:

Instead of scheduling an e-learning lesson for a week in advance or sometimes a month in advance, go for the JIT approach. Having to wait for the online lesson or training for months or weeks is in vain, as the team member or the student will forget what the training was for from the beginning and the latter’s aim won’t be as expected. Everyone hates waiting. That’s a fact. Therefore, this approach solves the issue for you and guarantees you a 100% effective e-learning session, therefore, a productive team.

Receiving the information just when needed is way more fruitful because people tend to learn better when they have to learn or when they need that specific information as it’s work-related or studies’ related. That will lead them to be more accurate with the job they’re doing, and the performance will be improved.

Think about it! For example, if you’re an IT developer, you’ll need to be continually updated with the latest IT hacks and programming skills to facilitate your work. You’ll sometimes get stuck in the middle of an HTML code to search for information or just find yourself unaware of the next step. Here, we talk about the JIT approach that will facilitate the work and make it consistent.

The manager, the lead, or the teacher can create relative courses with Smart Courses for Confluence and add them to the course catalog just in case someone needed them. It will boost autonomy in the individual. By that, we will end up talking about more productive, confident, and engaged learners.

Course catalog overview
Integrate vocational e-learning:

Vocational e-learning is the act of training specific skills and knowledge to staff to perform a precise job position. This can be done to students or team members. Many job positions don’t require the new hires to know everything before the start. Sometimes, they hire them because they have the needed soft skills to help them go through the process of learning the hard skills. Or, it’s a matter of customized platforms or tools for the company that you only learn how to use when you are hired. “In order to train staffs to perform more efficiently and economically, the industry provides e-learning system with web resources. The staff can facilitate their need in time-control and learning speed according to vocational e-learning systems” (Cheng & Chen, 2015).

In this context, vocational e-learning is used with the OJT approach, which is On-the-job Training. If you’re a Confluence user, you can provide information on different spaces for different departments. Your team can also interact and engage by putting comments or feedback on the content created. Since the concept is about learning anywhere and anytime, the staff can open their smart tablets or smartphones everywhere to go through Confluence and check the contents concerned.

If you have newbies, you’d want to share a bunch of courses with them without letting the other departments see them. You can use the restrictions feature we have in Smart Courses for Confluence. Simply add a group of your team with whom you want to share the courses as they’re the only ones concerned.

How to add restrictions to your course?

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