Major feature releases recap for 2022

Major feature releases recap for 2022

Salma Sahnoun
January 5, 2023

This blog is to recap the year 2022 in terms of feature releases for Creativas apps for Confluence.

But before that, we want to thank everyone trusted us and our apps, which brought us to our biggest milestone in 2022, to be declared as Platinum Marketplace Partner.

Now speaking of releases, here’s a sum-up

Smart Courses major feature releases

Smart Courses for Confluence witnessed outstanding changes in 2022 to the User Interface and the User Experience. Three levels in Smart Courses were targeted:

  • Course Catalog
  • Course editor
  • Metrics

Here’s a briefing of all the important features that were added to each level.

Course Catalog

Regarding the catalog configuration, we expanded the opportunity of customizing brandings, announcements, and cards to the space level, so now you can have a customized catalog per space or globally. We also made it possible to hide and reorder the catalog filtering options per space and globally.

One more thing that became common between spaces catalogs and the global catalog is displaying the total number of courses next to the filtering options.

Last but not least, a space indication of the course was added to the course card.

Smart Courses global catalog

Course editor

The course editor of Smart Courses witnessed a great list of enhancements and new features in 2022.

Here’s the list:

  • Built a course dashboard that you can access during or at the end of the course while previewing or attending the course.
  • Customization of the certificate template per course, per space, and global.
  • Add and edit course levels from the global configuration.
  • Added a few more options to the course configuration and enhanced the latter to be organized.
  • Revamped the assignment feature user interface
  • The mention of the assignment due date in the email sent to the attendee
  • Customization of assignment reminders:
    • No. of days before the due date to start sending reminders
    • How often will reminders be sent
    • Customize the assignment messages with HTML
  • Brought a feature to allow the enrollment of users even if the assignment is overdue.
  • Tables became supported within text capsules.
  • Added a configuration section in the text capsule.


Regarding the metrics, the user dashboard was rebuilt to provide more activity reporting and metrics of every Confluence user in Smart Courses.

Before/After of the user dashboard

Another enhancement that was required by our clients was to add the list of course contributors to the course metrics. Speaking of course contributors, they obtained the rights to export copies of generated certificates to users from the course metrics.

Course metrics in Smart Courses

Smart Terms major feature releases

Moving on to your favorite glossary app for Confluence, .

A complete user interface and user experience build-up have emerged.

The last release for targeted 5 major key points:

  1. Glossary branding
  2. Disabling the highlight per page and per user
  3. The support of tables added to the term editor
  4. The related vocabulary section now supports plurals
  5. Filtering options are joined: Filter by Contributors, related vocabulary, spaces, and term titles.

You can see further explanations of each feature from the video below: